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Letter: Ward’s latest escapade should disgust all voters

Ward’s latest escapade should disgust all voters

I have just finished reading with rising disgust the editorial in The News regarding Dennis Ward’s latest escapade. How is he allowed to spend our tax dollars with pay raises for friends of his party? I do not understand how he can play Santa to his pals without some governmental oversight. And to top that off, he is cross-endorsed as a State Supreme Court justice, virtually electing him.

It is no wonder that people are leaving this state and its broken political system. Why don’t we just let the politicians name our judges and legislators and save us the pain of watching and reading them bash each other in the media?

No one who wants to serve the taxpayers, and not himself and his pals, has a chance unless he is endorsed by a party that has no regard for the well being of our state.

Come on, voters. Let’s clean house and show those people who think they have carte blanche to do what they please that we want our state back and are watching their every move.

William Kraus