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Letter: Voter ID laws will disenfranchise many

Voter ID laws will disenfranchise many

Recently there has been enactment of voter ID laws, mostly in states with Republican governors and Republican-controlled legislatures. Numerous investigations by reputable organizations have shown that voter fraud is practically non-existent. Just a few examples include “Myth of voter fraud” (Brennan Center for Justice), “A comprehensive investigation of voter impersonation finds 31 credible incidents out of one billion ballots cast” (New York Times) and “Voter Fraud: A Massive, Anti-Democratic Deception” (Forbes magazine).

In the Forbes article by John Wasik, he describes his wife’s experience at the polls of a 90-year-old woman in tears because she was denied the privilege to vote. The reason: She doesn’t have a driver’s license. Being 90, it is not surprising she doesn’t have a license. Whether you’re a Democrat or Republican, you should be infuriated by this obvious attempt to disenfranchise thousands of voters. Our democracy is founded on the premise that government officials win or lose elections based on the electorate that supports their views and agenda. To deny the vote to any eligible voter is a fraud against those of us who believe in democracy. Voter ID laws will call into question the validity of any election. The integrity of the ballot box is at stake.

James Vohwinkel