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Letter: Showing ID to vote makes perfect sense

Showing ID to vote makes perfect sense

I just got a call from Time Warner to confirm the time and date that someone would be coming to do some work on my TV. The requirements were that I have proof of who I am and that I’m 18 years of age or older. In today’s world, you need ID for just about everything. My 91-year-old mother has a photo ID. So why is everyone so upset that states are starting to require photo ID to vote?

I went online to see how hard it was to apply for a photo ID card in Texas, which is one of the states requiring one, and found that it’s not that hard. The argument seems to be that it will affect minorities and the young. But somewhere down the line, they had to be able to prove who they were. To me, voting is a very important privilege given to U.S. citizens. I don’t want a noncitizen making choices as to my future. Until people have earned that right, they should not be allowed to vote.

Are these people who are offended to have to show a photo ID card to vote also offended when they have to show it to a police officer or a bank teller? The only reason for this opposition, I would conclude, is that they have something to hide.

Daniel A. Caputa