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Letter: New York State must take responsibility for Skyway

New York State must take responsibility for Skyway

Recently, South District Councilman Chris Scanlon introduced and moved through the Common Council a resolution that urges the state to take over responsibility for the logistics involved with closures of the Skyway. Currently, whenever the closure of this antiquated highway is necessary, the responsibility falls to the Buffalo Police Department’s A District. This endeavor ties up a minimum of five of the district’s eight cars on any given shift. Sometimes, seven of the aforementioned eight. This is absolutely unacceptable.

Not only do we agree with Scanlon’s resolution, but we urge our state representatives, Sen. Tim Kennedy and Assemblyman Mickey Kearns, to do everything within their respective powers to push the State Department of Transportation and Thruway Authority to immediately shift the responsibility to the state for any and all logistical support for Skyway closures.

Removing five to seven of our district’s eight cars from service for the numerous temporary closures of the Skyway is impractical and unsafe for our community. This must change. Now!

Mike Murphy

President, Valley Neighborhood

Watch Alliance, Buffalo