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Letter: Voters should consider Independence candidates

Voters should consider Independence candidates

Voters this year are being corralled by the two major political parties, in an attempt to limit State Supreme Court Justice candidate options to those five they have cross-endorsed, as political maneuvering has eliminated other qualified candidates from major endorsements on the ballot.

However, other highly qualified candidates who should have been endorsed are present on the minor party lines, giving the voter true options for justice positions that are not part of a political deal for power and influence.

The News should endorse these candidates, and Judges Donna Siwek and Frederick Marshall, both incumbents with incredible records over at least 14 years in office. I personally am breaking with major party interests and voting Independence lines and individuals worthy of these positions. I encourage my fellow voters to do the same and not follow major party endorsements like so many sheep waiting to be told how to think.

Denise Cornell