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Letter: Political correctness is out of control today

Political correctness is out of control today

A letter printed in the Oct. 18 edition of The News displayed the effects of political correctness run amok. The writer took it upon herself to apologize on behalf of all of us for our country’s treatment of the Seneca Indians as it relates to the building of the Kinzua Dam. I wonder if she, in preparing to write her expression of “white guilt,” asked any Erie Indians how they felt about the Senecas’ past treatment of them. The answer would be no, since the Senecas annihilated the Erie tribe.

Since my ancestors came from Italy circa 1900 and I was not born until 1954, I feel no “white guilt” and hence no compulsion to apologize. I also encourage those who like to wear their heart on their sleeve regarding such matters to examine the term Native American. Webster’s defines native as “born in a particular place,” meaning that anyone born in the United States is a native American. The term as used in the vernacular is a creation of the speech police and meant to confer some special standing or entitlement. All of us born in the United States are native Americans and we are all entitled to fair and equal treatment. Ad we are not expected to “suffer for the sins of our fathers,” as the saying goes.

Joseph P. Brignone