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Letter: Opposition to voter ID doesn’t pass ‘sniff’ test

Opposition to voter ID doesn’t pass ‘sniff’ test

In the Oct. 19 edition of The News, the political cartoon drawn by Adam Zyglis has once again missed the target.

The drawing shows a cowboy boot with a lone star (to symbolize Texas) trampling on the Constitution with specific reference to the 15th Amendment, with the inscription “except blacks and Hispanics.” This is in reference to Texas requiring photo IDs to vote.

The 15th Amendment states that voting rights shall not be “denied or abridged” on account of “race, color or previous servitude.” How does the requirement of a photo ID violate the 15th Amendment?

The 14th Amendment, Section 1, spells out the conditions for U.S. citizenship. I recommend that Zyglis check it out.

Requiring a photo ID verifies that the person casting his vote is indeed the same person registered to vote in that state. This will help eliminate voter fraud by ensuring that there is one person (who is a legal U.S. citizen) who gets to cast one vote. Not one person casting multiple votes, or persons who are not citizens casting any votes whatsoever.

The Democratic Party and the liberal justices claim this will disenfranchise Hispanic and black voters. This just does not pass the “sniff” test. All it proves to me is that the Democrats and liberals, once again, want to tip the scales to favor their agenda, even at the cost of violating the rights of legal voters. If you want to vote, you should be required to provide proof that you are a U.S. citizen who is a legally registered voter. One vote per each citizen. Sounds reasonable to me.

Joseph A. Coppola