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3 Questions with Metro New York Jets beat writer Kristian Dyer

There's always something going on with the New York Jets.
To find out what's up this week, Metro New York Jets beat writer Kristian Dyer was kind enough to answer this week's "3 Questions." Be sure to follow Dyer on Twitter leading up to Sunday's AFC East game between the Jets and Bills at MetLife Stadium.
1. How do you see Percy Harvin fitting into the offense this week?
KD: "It will be slow and steady for the Jets to integrate a playmaker like Harvin into their offensive scheme, and the biggest issue for that process may not be Harvin himself. The Jets still need to get the ball to him, something that the league's second-worst passing offense has struggled to do all year.
"What Harvin does is make opposing defenses at least nominally respect the pass. You can't play the Jets now and stack the box with eight defenders or else Harvin can burn you over the top. They've finally got some balance here with Eric Decker and Jeremy Kerley at wide receiver along with tight end Jace Amaro, a second-round pick."
2. Is there any chance Geno Smith and/or Rex Ryan keep their job past this season?
KD: "Rex shouldn't be judged by his 1-6 start to this season. What the trade for Harvin does is admit on the part of management and General Manager John Idzik that this team was devoid of talent on the offensive side of the ball. This should, in theory, buy Rex some time to turn things around. If he can get six wins over the final nine games, he can make an awfully strong statement to stick around for one more year.
"I would expect Geno to be on the roster next year, but I'd also expect the Jets to bring in a true veteran at the position to compete. The signing of Michael Vick was a farce because he was never allowed to compete with the anointed one for the starting job. The Jets must eye a true quarterback this offseason to make the most of what is now some pretty good talent."
3. What has been the biggest problem with the Jets' secondary?
KD: "A combination of injuries and a lack of talent has hurt the Jets this year. They built their secondary around last year's first-round pick Dee Milliner, who struggled with injuries and was benched several times his rookie season. Injuries hit him hard again and now, finally, he's shelved for the year with one.
"Having lost Darrelle Revis and Antonio Cromartie in consecutive years and now Milliner this year to injury, the Jets just can't sustain those type of hits. The secondary is a clear weakness of this team and a major area for the Bills to exploit Sunday."
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