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Super Handyman: Roll your way to clean floors

Cleaning your floors is one way to help them last longer, and it works just as well for carpet as it does for wood floors. But let’s be honest: If you have to move furniture to do it, you’re less likely to sweep or vacuum these areas. Just install wheels on the bottom of coffee tables, end tables, dressers and other heavy furniture items. It might take a little time to do, but you’ll never have to do it again, and it will make life so much easier for you and whomever you can talk into cleaning for you!


Q: Our bathroom sink has a hairline crack in it. I have no idea how or even when it happened, but I noticed it the last time I cleaned. The sink doesn’t leak. Should I be concerned, or is this going to be OK for a while? – J.H.

A: Although not normal, it probably is going to be OK for quite a while. Since it’s not holding water, the chances of a leak are pretty small. Just keep an eye on it.

Tips from readers

Cutting is what you do with a paintbrush around the edges of a wall, before using a roller to do the rest. This is the fastest way to paint a room. I have another way to help this process move along quickly. I use a small artist brush to “cut-in” around light switches, electrical outlets, doorknobs and other places that I normally would have to mask off. It’s much faster than masking, and it also saves on cleanup. – S.E.


My son’s room is what I call “rodeo” style. My wife made bedspreads out of bandannas and blue jeans. We have wallpaper borders that look like rope, and a cowhide rug on the floor. I made some frames for some horse pictures out of old Western belts. I cut them with my saw, even mitered the corners, to make the frames. Then I tacked them into place over a piece of wood, over the horse pictures. – M.S.


I am not much of an artist, but I tried to paint a mural on my son’s wall to surprise my wife. I had someone draw out the design, and then I painted it in. I set the small paint jars into a shallow box and was able to keep them all handy while working. I even had room for a rag and several extra brushes. I was able to do the paint part in just one afternoon, and it looks so great. My wife loves it, and we can’t wait for our son to arrive next month! – E.R.


We have several storage shelves in our garage. They are the ones you buy and put together. I added heavy-duty wheels to them. I now can move them around when I need to clean behind them. It also allows me to store additional items behind or on the sides of these shelves. It was a great idea, and I wanted to share it with others. Thanks for the opportunity and for all of the super advice and tips. – M.D.

A Super hint

You can get quite a few paint drips off of a floor with just some rubbing alcohol. Sometimes you don’t have paint thinner handy, but you almost always can come up with a bottle of alcohol from the bathroom, and it works pretty well.

Super HandyMom tip

I like to keep things as organized in the house as I do in the workshop. I’ve used office organizers in the shop to hold small hand tools right on my workbench. These also work well in the bathroom to hold makeup and other hygiene items, like Q-tips, razors, toothbrushes and toothpaste.

Larger organizers can be put to use in bathroom cabinets or under a sink. Check them out the next time you are buying ink cartridges or paper at your local office-supply store.

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