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Letter: Win-at-any-cost mindset defiles our Constitution

Win-at-any-cost mindset defiles our Constitution

It’s no surprise that the same deniers of earth science, and the purveyors of contempt for millions of Americans benefiting from affordable health care, will grandstand any contrived criticism of President Obama. The finger-pointing has begun. He must now shoulder accusations of complicity to foreign invasions from ISIS as well as the Ebola virus.

Somehow ignored is the two-month absence of Congress, with its responsibility for debate, then advice and consent. Besides numerous cuts to our infrastructure, Congress has denied or reduced funding to anything health related, including the Centers for Disease Control. Suddenly, science deniers expect Obama to be scientist in chief and surgeon general, while a vote for the nomination of a real surgeon general has languished in Congress for a year.

On the other hand, there is nary a peep from their ranks about the obvious and overt suppression of voting rights in states that those of their ilk control. Voter fraud in this country is so minimal it can’t be measured or even verified. But for a country that prides itself on “justice for all,” voter suppression in all of its forms – whether costly IDs, reduced voting times, removal of voting booths or “lost” registration rolls and vote count – is nothing short of election stealing. Ignoring this outrage with a win-at-any-cost mentality not only defiles our Constitution, but is a national disgrace.

Leonard Gross

East Amherst