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Letter: Nepotism is flourishing on Hamburg Town Board

Nepotism is flourishing on Hamburg Town Board

One of the most dreaded practices of all levels of government is waste, both of resources and taxpayer dollars. Even more than waste, however, residents and taxpayers despise corruption and nepotism. Unfortunately, there is too much to go around these days.

Recently, two members of the Hamburg Town Board have hired personal secretaries to assist them with their duties. First, it was Councilwoman Cheryl Potter-Juda executing the hire of her daughter to be her personal secretary. Shortly thereafter, Councilman Michael Quinn, who was initially assisted by a volunteer, used his governmental capacity to hire his wife as his personal secretary. The cost to the Hamburg taxpayer: $14 per hour, up to $14,196 per year, each.

Local government is not a platform to advance one’s personal interests. Its bank accounts are not personal piggy banks, and jobs are not to be handed out as favors or rewards.

As residents and taxpayers, we trust that regardless of party affiliation, those who are elected will fulfill the duties of their office objectively, prudently and honorably. We expect them to do so by working with members from the opposing party, without favoring friends and family, and without seeking revenge on those who disagree or criticize them. To do anything else is ignorant of both the privilege of office and the trust of the public.

Local government is about providing the best services to the members of the community who elected you to do so, without having to be watched every second to make sure that it is being done right. Local government is supposed to be good government, and we expect to see more of it.

Joseph C. Smith