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Letter: Chain liquor stores are supposed to be prohibited

Chain liquor stores are supposed to be prohibited

Getting excited about the new liquor store on Amherst Street in Buffalo? Good, enjoy it. It may turn out to be the only liquor store in the area after a few years. While laws are supposed to prevent chain liquor stores in New York State, the Wegmans family has acquired licenses under various family names. The family’s interest in spirits establishments now extends to full or partial ownership in no less than six stores across the state.

Nicole Wegman, the co-owner of the Buffalo store, lives in Rochester and works in the grocery chain’s Rochester corporate offices, as do all of the other family members who now “own” liquor stores. And as state officials turn a blind eye to the practice, the “non-Wegmans owned” stores utilize the grocery chain’s marketing, personnel and property to its own advantage. If you think citizens benefit from this practice, realize that Wegmans has an unfair advantage over other grocery chains since they cannot sell wine or liquor.

Next time you are in Wegmans, stop by the bakery. The family can show you how to have your cake and eat it, too.

Dan Locche

Straight Up Wines & Liquors