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Letter: Candidates should detail their experience and skills

Candidates should detail their experience and skills

It is suggested that individuals, political parties and PACs all give consideration, when formulating their advertisements in favor of their candidates, to putting them in the form of a resume. After all, the process is one in which the candidate is vying for a job and we, the voters, are the prospective employers.

As a voter, I want to see quantified, specific accomplishments from previous jobs. I also am quite interested in learning how the candidate can extrapolate his or her experience, skills and education into anticipated future accomplishments. Note that I’m not interested in the candidates’ personal development. However, I am most interested in how he or she can be of value to the organization of which I am a part; namely Buffalo and New York State.

Please bear in mind that I have absolutely no interest in criticism of the current employee (i.e., senator, assemblyman, governor). It’s a key piece of advice to anyone interviewing for a job that one must never criticize the former employer, supervisor or colleagues to a prospective new employer. Who wants to hire a whiner and complainer? Who wants someone who tends to blame others for his/her inability to perform well at a job? No one.

So, candidates, get those resumes up to date and distributed so we, your potential employers, can make an intelligent decision about who is best suited to work in our organization.

Mary Ann Bald