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Letter: Send Albany a message by voting for McDermott

Send Albany a message by voting for McDermott

Many of us who live at the western end of New York State would prefer not to see Andrew Cuomo re-elected as governor, but, realistically, what are our options? As qualified as he may be, voting for Rob Astorino would truly be an exercise in futility, considering the demographics of this deep blue state.

Voters who reject Cuomo’s big government liberal policies, however, can always cast a “protest” vote for the candidate most completely opposed to the tax-and-spend philosophy currently ruling in Albany: Michael McDermott, the Libertarian Party candidate. The political significance of a spike in the Libertarian vote tally would have much more impact than just seeing by how much Astorino will likely lose.

For more insight into their differences, I would encourage everyone to watch (or DVR) the only debate between the top four gubernatorial candidates on WNED at 8 p.m. tonight. Maybe nothing can stop the Cuomo machine, but a vote for McDermott will send a clear message to Albany that we have had enough.

John Swanson

East Amherst