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Letter: Many Catholics excited about pope’s leadership

Many Catholics excited about pope’s leadership

What an exciting time to say, “I am Catholic!” In Rome, as I write this, 200 or so bishops and lay leaders are meeting at the 2014 Synod on the Family. Every day I can’t wait to read and hear about what is being said and talked about on the Internet and in the paper. In all of my 55 years, I can’t remember ever feeling like that about anything my church has done (or not done). There will continue to be bumps along the way, after all, the church leaders are human, remember.

So wake up, friends. Our church is changing right before our very eyes, and for the good, I believe. Some very well-respected church leaders like Cardinal Timothy Dolan remind us that the church has been changing since the time of Christ, and Dolan would be correct. But perception is reality, and the perception today is that Pope Francis has a “new” way of looking at people and things. The church, 2,000 years later, is still evolving.

The most exciting thing, at least for me, is that I think our church has a lot more in store for us. So hold on tight. Listen to Francis; he speaks “our” language, and people of all faiths would be wise to listen to him when he says things like “who am I to judge?” Wow!

Joe Emminger