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Dear Abby: Wrong number leads woman to think she’s met mr. right

Dear Abby: I met a guy over the phone when he called my number by mistake. After a brief conversation, not particularly polite on my part, the call ended. Forty-five minutes later he called me back, saying he couldn’t stop thinking about me. I thought, “Who is this goofball?”

Over time, my phone has been “pinging” with messages from him. He has sent his life story, photos and address. He even gave me his Social Security number and told me to run a check on him to see for myself that he’s legitimate. We have been talking for eight months and are making plans to meet. He lives in another state, but he has a sister in mine.

Should I meet him in his hometown or let him come to me? I don’t believe this is a game-playing situation. I am 55 years young; he’s 64. We converse on FaceTime daily and at night we have Bible studies together via the Internet. He makes me happy. What is your opinion, and what should I do?

Swept Away in Georgia

Dear Swept Away: Your romance seems almost like a Hallmark Channel love story – two strangers who connect because of a wrong number. However, have him visit you first, meet your family, friends and minister. THEN visit him in his hometown and meet HIS friends, children (if he has any), minister, etc.

Don’t do this just once – give yourself enough time to get beyond the endorphin rush. He may turn out to be Prince Charming, but a woman can never be too careful, and you need to proceed with your eyes wide open. If this becomes a successful relationship, it will be a wonderful “how did you meet?” story.

Texting is rude, crude

Dear Abby: My stepdaughter, age 18, has recently begun to send her father text messages while we are in the same room, rather than speak to him. It’s as if she doesn’t want me in on the conversation. I find her behavior rude.

If they need to speak privately, so be it – she can wait until I’m out of the room or request to speak to him elsewhere. But I find it impolite of her to send him texts. They are nothing confidential in nature, just general conversation.

What are your thoughts on this?

– Bystander in New York

Dear Bystander: What your stepdaughter is doing is as rude as when two people whisper to each other in front of a third person. My thought is that your husband, out of consideration for your feelings, should either tell her – or text her – to cut it out.

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