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Trivia Quiz / By Donald Saltz

1. Is maple a soft or hard wood?

2. Identify the Rosetta stone.

3. Who was vice president when Dwight Eisenhower was president of the United States?

4. Who made the famous remark: “People of the Philippines, I have returned”?

5. Did the federal income tax begin in 1913, 1918 or 1923?

6. The square root of 400 is…

7. What extra cards are used in a game of Persian rummy?

8. Which state is called the “Free State”?

9. Name the capital of China.

10. Francis Scott Key wrote the words of “The Star-Spangled Banner” which is sung to music composed by whom?


1. Hard.

2. It’s a tablet of black basalt (marble) found in 1799 in the Egyptian town of Rosetta. The tablet has parallel inscriptions in Greek and ancient Egyptian demotic and hieroglyphic characters, thus providing a key to the deciphering of ancient Egyptian writing.

3. Richard Nixon.

4. Gen. Douglas MacArthur, in the World War II era.

5. It began, in a modest way, in 1913.

6. Twenty.

7. Four jokers are added to a regular deck of 52 cards.

8. Maryland, also known as the “Old Line State.”

9. Beijing.

10. John Stafford Smith.