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Letter: Bring back the fun of Halloween past

Bring back the fun of Halloween past

Color me nostalgic but, in my humble opinion, Halloween was much more fun 60 years ago than it is now. I remember those East Lovejoy streets as they swarmed with costumed children, all carrying shopping bags and walking door-to-door throughout the neighborhood. We were baby boomers, so there were multitudes of us.

By contrast these days, night-time turnout is sparse everywhere with parents more fearful for their children’s safety, and sadly, not without good reason.

Back then, because of the great number of people on those streets, Halloween seemed more a festive event, a celebration. In the big parade each year, a virtual army of clowns, witches and goblins marched down the middle of Lovejoy Street to Hennepin Park, where the judging took place and prizes were awarded for best costumes. Most were handmade and, happily, it was long before the current flesh-eating zombie craze, which made a scene not as evil and horrific.

What an absolute blast! Fun without fear. Is that a lot to ask?

Astonishing modern technical advances aside, the world at large is not a kinder place than it was in 1954. It was such a simple time, and perhaps would be a beautiful time to return to, where our children could play safely, not threatened by the few who would do them harm. Then maybe once again on Halloween, all across the country, we would hear gleeful children calling out, “Trick or Treat!” without any fear.

Joseph Ciarlo

East Aurora