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Cuomo signs bill requiring CPR training in schools

ALBANY – Legislation was approved Tuesday that backers hope will see the state Education Department require districts to provide CPR training to all high school students in New York.

The legislation, pushed for several years by the American Heart Association, was watered down this year from an earlier plan that would have required high schools to provide the life-saving CPR training. The new measure signed into law Tuesday by Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo calls for the state education commissioner within six months to recommend a CPR training program for schools, but also requires the Education Department to take into account potential costs to school districts and whether the CPR training might “detract” from other mandated course work. The Board of Regents then has the authority to reject or accept the CPR training standards as proposed by the commissioner.

A number of districts already offer the training, which health officials say can double or triple the survival chances for someone in cardiac arrest.