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Letter: Obama is misconstruing what he sees with reality

Obama is misconstruing what he sees with reality

The Aug. 24 edition of The Buffalo News ran a story that should be disturbing to all Americans. That is, the Obama administration was questioning how local police departments are being equipped.

What raised the question? “Images.” That’s right, our president didn’t like how it looked the way police had to defend themselves against the lawless rioters in Ferguson, Mo. Some of these “images” also showed peaceful protesters along with heavily armed police.

Apparently our president does not believe in being ready for trouble that may arise, and did in Missouri. Perhaps he should look at the “images” from a well-documented 1997 bank robbery where heavily armed thieves in North Hollywood, Calif., held the upper hand in a massive shootout because police were so underequipped.

Former president Teddy Roosevelt put it succinctly: “Speak softly and carry a big stick.” The mere threat of an overwhelming response to potential violence is often enough to keep the peace. How things look is not necessarily how things are.

I suggest that our president turn to facts instead of photos when making decisions that affect our safety.

Bob Pfeiffer