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Letter: Taxpayer money has not gone to our aging infrastructure

Taxpayer money has not gone to our aging infrastructure

So, after a harsh winter fraught with excessive potholes, water main breaks, road flooding, bridge transition dips and heaves the New York State and U.S. Departments of Transportation will be under the gun to do much road work with “depleted” resources.

Ask yourself and them if it really was nature’s fault. Some of it may be. But more likely it’s poor spending and planning over the years by those responsible for maintaining our roads.

For each circumstance of road and bridge and water transition failure, there are many in the field who have told me it was not the fault of nature so much as properly investing, planning specs and doing the job right in the first place.

Don’t let them fool you, folks. Simply blacktopping and painting won’t fix the real problem. It will only perpetuate it. And there will be a high price to pay in taxes to fix their culture of ineptitude and sustain their job security.

Ask questions and pay attention because soon the county, state, feds and your local town or city departments of transportations will all be fighting over who pays to fix their years-old inept handling of our critical infrastructure.

Frank Kolbmann Holland