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Letter: Reckless drivers are a threat to all who cross their paths

Reckless drivers are a threat to all who cross their paths

The Black Rock bike and pedestrian trail intersects Arthur Street, off Niagara Street, at the entrance to Harbour Place Marine, the West Marine store and the Acqua restaurant. There are all-way stop signs at the intersection.

Working Marine security every night, I get to observe the traffic at the stop signs. When there is an event at the restaurant this traffic is heavy.

In five hours on Friday, not one single vehicle of some 200 actually stopped. Most slowed down some, but others go through at 30-plus mph.

Some of the more impatient drivers actually overtake and pass slowing vehicles at the crossing.

Here’s my advice to those who drive slowly through the intersection.

Since your apparent objective is to seriously injure someone on the pathway, you can improve your chances by emulating those who drive through at speed, looking neither to the left or right.

This approach will optimize your chances of killing a pedestrian, dog-walker, cyclist, skate-boarder. Or, bonus points, a disabled veteran in a wheelchair.

Of course, it’s likely you will be charged with vehicular manslaughter or even driving under the influence if you had a glass of wine or two with your dinner. No matter.

If you had the societal misfortune to contribute to the shallow end of the gene pool before your 10-year incarceration, you’ll have a great story to tell your grandchildren when you get out.

Happy hunting!

Richard Arnatt