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Locks group is lent $60,000 by city development agency

LOCKPORT – The Lockport Locks Heritage District Corp., the group in charge of the soon-to-be-reopened Flight of Five locks on the Erie Canal, was lent $60,000 Thursday by the city’s development agency.

The locks group is an arm of the Greater Lockport Development Corp., whose board approved a $10,000 “demand note” for operating capital and a $50,000 loan to pay the up-front costs of installing lighting at the Flight.

David R. Kinyon, chairman of the locks group, said five historic-looking lamp posts are being ordered, one for each lock, but only one will be installed this year.

R. Charles Bell, city planning and development director, said a state Canal Corp. grant has been approved for the lights, but it hasn’t been received yet. The Flight of Five, where two of the five locks have been restored to working order, is to open officially Oct. 3.

The $10,000 loan is called a demand note because the GLDC can demand the money back from the locks group at any time, Bell said.