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Letter: Zyglis does a disservice to dedicated law officers

Zyglis does a disservice to dedicated law officers

I sometimes have a problem discerning exactly what message Adam Zyglis is attempting to convey with his editorial cartoons, but perhaps that is only my problem. However, the meaning of his cartoon on Aug. 23 is very clear – the greatest threat to our freedom are thugs in the guise of paramilitary cops shooting, in cold blood, African-American males. That he is able to reach this conclusion seems to indicate a rather twisted view of reality.

As in all vocations, some police do their job better than others, but Zyglis does a profound disservice to the vast majority of dedicated men and women in law enforcement who, driven by a desire to serve their fellow citizens, put their lives on the line every day. If Zyglis’ cartoon is indicative of his world view, I feel sorry for him.

Thomas Kirkpatrick

Silver Creek