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Letter: Drivers in Delaware Park, Parkside should slow down

Drivers in Delaware Park, Parkside should slow down

I live in the best neighborhood in Buffalo. Parkside is a racially and ethnically diverse neighborhood of beautifully maintained homes, magnificent gardens and the friendliest neighbors one could ever meet.

Furthermore, it abuts Delaware Park, a racially and ethnically diverse playground where athletes of every ilk and their beautiful families exercise and play together. Every day, my wife and I experience dozens of acts of kindness and courtesy and return home joyous and ready to face life’s challenges.

Therefore, I have a simple request for drivers in Parkside and Delaware Park and on Parkside Avenue. Please slow down.

What do you gain when you pass another driver at a stop sign? To the impatient gentleman who passed a car on the ring road, crossed the double white line into the pedestrian lane, almost hit a mom towing her young children behind her bike and then flipped her off – what is the advantage of risking their lives and ruining your own?

And finally, to those who run the red light at Florence and Parkside, please remember that it is a pedestrian crossing next to the park summer camp and the children’s playground.

I have not crossed that intersection with anyone who has not had a close call with a speeding driver. The light stays red for one minute. Please sacrifice one minute for the families and the children who seek only a safe crossing with the light.

We live in a glorious city with the best neighbors. Please honor and protect them.

Jay Wright