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Two men who recorded their sadistic attack deserve to feel the full weight of the law

It’s not often that we are moved to offer advice to a judge in an ongoing case, but it’s hard to refrain after reading about the terror that two miserable human beings inflicted on their victim. State Supreme Court Justice Russell P. Buscaglia should throw the biggest book he can find at these parasites.

Wesley Woods, 23, and Stephen Dawson, 29, were convicted Thursday of first-degree kidnapping and first-degree robbery. If they’d been charged with felony worthlessness, they’d probably have been convicted of that, too.

Believing that Barry Workman was a snitch who had brought police to Dawson’s house, Dawson, Woods and another man, Willie Stroud, terrorized Workman over 17 hours. Prosecutors say the issue was a drug debt owed to Woods by Workman, who is addicted to crack cocaine.

Dawson, evidently not the brightest of criminals, recorded the beating of Workman with his cellphone camera, then posted it on his Facebook page. Workman’s family saw the video, setting off a series of events that led to the man’s rescue.

The terror to which Workman was subjected is beyond imagining – certainly beyond what any decent person is capable of committing.

Dawson pistol-whipped him, put the gun into his mouth and ordered him to suck the barrel or be killed. Workman pleaded for his life.

Stroud, who pleaded guilty to reduced charges and testified at the trial, forced Workman to lick blood off his boot, in a crackpot effort to eliminate DNA evidence.

Woods, who initiated the kidnapping, put a power drill on Workman’s front tooth and squeezed the trigger, breaking half the tooth. He also beat Workman with a cane and poured gasoline over him. The day after his rescue, Workman was treated for a cracked eye socket as well as injuries to his face, arm, back and head.

For his role in this horrifying crime, Stroud faces up to 25 years in prison. He should serve them all. Woods and Dawson, meanwhile, face life in prison. It’s the least these lowlifes deserve.