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Downtown tagger BONX sought by police

The tagging downtown of a handful of buildings has police and businessmen on the lookout for the young criminal who signs his scrawls “BONX,” said Buffalo Police Lt. Steve Nichols.

And while police do not know the identity of BONX, they are certain of one thing.

On one recent night, the graffiti maker left his wheels behind.

“They usually ride around on bikes,” said Nichols, who heads up the department’s Community Police Unit. “His was a beat-up 10-speed with a spray-painted fork. It didn’t have any brakes.”

Graffiti has been reported at 140 Seneca St., 187 Exchange St. and 190 Scott St. – all buildings owned by businessman and car collector James Sandoro, according to Nichols.

One of his more recent tags carried a streak of indignation. In essence, BONX scolded the city when he wrote: “They stole my bike.”

Many of the tags on Sandoro’s buildings have been painted over, Sandoro said.

The multiple tags BONX has placed on historic downtown brick structures during the past two weeks “definitely puts potential charges against him into a felony range,” said Nichols.

A criminal mischief misdemeanor rises to a felony if the damage is more than $250.

“All these historic buildings down here, and they don’t care,” said Sandoro, owner of the Buffalo Transportation Pierce-Arrow Museum downtown.

“He’s bold,” he said.