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Aug. 25, 1989: Forget Chuck E. Cheese's. Remember Major Magic's?

While Chuck E. Cheese’s has certainly been the survivor in the kiddie pizza wars, that wasn’t always the case in Buffalo.

The guitar-strumming, “Happy Birthday”-singing, pizza-eating rodent was actually pushed out of the market in 1985. An arcade-themed restaurant with a similar concept called Showbiz Pizza Place had a strangle-hold on the kindergarten set here, with locations on Ridge Road in West Seneca and Niagara Falls Boulevard in Amherst.

In 1988, Showbiz went belly up, but Major Magic’s All Star Pizza Revue opened in the same locations. After $1.5 million in renovations in 1992, by the mid-1990s Major Magic’s had closed. A Sears Hardware store opened in the Ridge Road location in 1997.

"Major Magic’s All-Star Pizza Revue"

Eight years after leaving its Thruway Mall location, Chuck E. Cheese’s returned to Western New York. A storefront that was once home to Loblaw’s and Super Duper in the Sheridan-Harlem Plaza has been the home of Chuck E. Cheese’s since 1993. A location opened in Blasdell in 2000.

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