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Aug. 25, 1989: WNYers mourn the demise of Crystal Beach

It was 25 years ago this week that Buffalo was coming to terms with the fact that the 101st summer at the Crystal Beach Amusement Park would be the last.

While some parkgoers enjoyed the short lines at the ghost town of a park, others offered a lifetime’s worth of memories of the place that defined thousands of Buffalo childhoods.

Still others were involved in efforts to save the famous Comet roller coaster from the same fate as the park it called home for forty years. The wooden coaster was ultimately moved to a park near Lake George.

Our memories of Crystal Beach are warm and wonderful, but News reporter Tom Buckham told the story of the park in a single sentence.  “Crystal Beach, like the rest of us, is showing its age.”

[Photo gallery: Memories of Crystal Beach]

"Crystal Beach customers say park’s closing isn’t amusing"

“It’s junky, but there aren’t a lot of lines and they’ve got the same rides as Canada’s Wonderland and some other places that cost a fortune.”


"Crystal Beach and its days of enchantment"

“Crystal Beach, like so much of our past, will soon disappear in the name of progress. Where the Comet and Magic Carpet once stood, a marina is to be built.”


"Fading of an old friend"

“Nostalgia is a powerful emotion, but it couldn’t compete with the attractions of newer amusement parks.”

 "Coaster Fans start push to save Comet"

“At Crystal Beach on Saturday, coaster enthusiasts from around the Northeast gathered under the auspices of the Western New York Coaster Club to take what could be their last ride on the Comet.”

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