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Letter: Obama’s incompetency had been foreshadowed

Obama’s incompetency had been foreshadowed

It is recorded that a female reporter garnered this response from Benjamin Franklin: “We are building a Republic, if you can keep it!” Until today many American’s might be puzzled by his remark, but political satire by Michael Ramirez underscores its meaning.

It has taken Americans nearly six years and twice electing Barack Obama to realize the error of their ways. An Illinois state senator who couldn’t contribute anything to rid Chicago of its cold, cruel, criminal killing ways, is twice elected to display the same incompetence as president of our United States of America.

Indeed, Mr. Franklin was well aware of how quickly uninformed voters could bring this new republic to its knees. He knew, when dealing with enemies of our society, without proper citizen involvement and good government leadership America could quickly become sands in the wind. Now in 2014 we are getting an inkling of what that day might be like.

Joseph Coia

West Seneca