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Letter: Haves and have-nots are now miles apart

Haves and have-nots are now miles apart

It was interesting reading The News on Aug. 10. In one article, the National Football League says a new Bills stadium is a must. On the same page was an article about people who are struggling to put food on the table.

The various governments have the money needed to give to the NFL and the rest of the pro sports world to build temples for the fans to spend more money at, to enable owners to pay the overpaid spoiled athletes for the few weeks out of the year that they try to excel.

Let the haves, with the help of their players, build their own temples, which the average person could spend a few hours at without taking out a loan. Maybe that would let our various governments find enough money to get behind some programs that would hopefully generate some benefits to the have-nots, the majority of whom I’m sure don’t relish the position they’re in.

I know this will never come to be, but wouldn’t it be great if basic logic showed up in our many problems from time to time?

Frank Maddock