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Letter: Do not punish Lady for acting like a dog

Do not punish Lady for acting like a dog

Last week we learned details of a tragic incident in Sardinia.  Involved were three sheriff’s detectives, a pit bull named Lady and a small child who lived with the dog. This was a no-win situation. In a rural area, the little girl was playing in her yard, accompanied by Lady.

When three strangers approached the property, Lady became protective of the little girl. Was this natural? Yes. Were the detectives afraid? Yes. Could there have been a better outcome than shooting the dog? Maybe. Fortunately, Lady has recovered from her injuries and has finally been returned to her family.

However, the town justice has ruled the dog “dangerous” and imposed some strict regulations for her owners to follow. Punishing Lady for protecting the little girl, especially when the dog was a family pet and was not known to be aggressive, seems wrong.

Muzzling the dog when around strangers is a reasonable request, but other restrictions are punitive.

Liz Grady

West Seneca