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Q: When will Jennifer Love Hewitt be seen on “Criminal Minds”? – Joe Bennett, Buffalo

A: She’s expected to make her debut in the 10th season premiere of the CBS series on Oct. 1. In essence the replacement for Jeanne Tripplehorn – who was the replacement for Paget Brewster, who was the replacement for Lola Glaudini – Hewitt will play Kate Callahan, an experienced undercover agent whose successful track record lands her a spot in the Behavioral Analysis Unit.


Q: I’m intrigued that Allison Williams has been cast in “Peter Pan.” Can she sing? – Nancy Dougherty, Columbus, Ohio

A: Oh, yes. Those who watch her on HBO’s “Girls” can confirm that she’s turned musical there on occasion, and she also can be seen crooning in videos on the Internet. On the day her casting in the live production – which NBC will televise in December – was announced, dad Brian Williams confirmed on “NBC Nightly News” that Allison has been “rehearsing this role since the age of 3.”


Q: “Heartsounds,” a TV movie with James Garner, was shown in 1984. Is it available on DVD? – Frances Doherty, Wyomissing, Pa.

A: For all of the films starring the recently deceased Garner that are on disc and tape, that one – also starring Mary Tyler Moore – has not had an official home-video release. If you see copies for sale listed on the Internet, be aware that there’s no guarantee of the quality, since the source is unknown. It could have just been recorded off a television channel.