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Syracuse University student's summer focused on healthy eating, living

Sarah Richheimer might get teased by her younger brothers about her nutritional habits, but she’s heartened that they’ve picked up on the idea that they have to eat right.

Still, Jordan, who turns 13 next month, and  Zachary 18, don’t share their sister’s fondness for wheatgrass smoothies.

“Jordan eats healthy and he knows what’s healthy, and he loves to cook,” his sister said, “but when he sees me drinking a green shake he thinks it’s the most disgusting thing in the world.”

Richheimer, subject of the What are you Eating? piece in WNY Refresh, sat down with me recently in the Transit Road Wegmans near Maple Road in Amherst. We talked about her eating habits and how she’s spent her summer. Read on to see a piece she wrote about what hardly could have been considered a summer "vacation."

As far as the food goes, she said breakfast usually consists of eggs, cheese and spinach omelettes and berries. Sometimes, she’ll have a piece of Ezekiel toast with peanut butter.

“For lunch, I’ll usually do a salad with whatever vegetables are in the house, with some baked Lays,” she said. “Dinner, sometimes I do chicken. I like stir fries. My favorite food is Mexican; I love to make guacamole. We do fajitas and burritos at home. I like refried beans.

“I strictly only eat organic chicken because of the way the animals are raised, i.e. free range and never fed antibiotics, hormones or steroids and fed an all-organic diet. Therefore, I don’t order meat out at restaurants, even though I give some restaurants credit (like Chipotle) for serving no hormones added meats. I eat a lot of seafood like salmon – Sockeye being my favorite – and shrimp.”

A visit to FeelRite, on Transit Road near her home, turned her on to wheatgrass shakes when she was in her teens. The formulation is high in alkalinity.

“Our bodies are very acidic,” she said. “Wheatgrass has a lot of minerals and vitamins in it. It’s more green than kale, spinach, broccoli. It gives you really good energy. A lot of times before work, I’ll do a shake with some powder and I feel really good for work. ... The powder form I buy is about $25 for 30 servings.” She also uses Vega plant-based protein powder.

After she graduates next spring, Richheimer would like to work in the public relations division for Wegmans, Whole Foods or a similar outfit. She is majoring in public relations in the Newhouse School of Communications and minoring in nutrition.

Here’s the piece I asked her to write:

By Sarah Richheimer

It’s hard to believe summer 2014 is coming to a close for me. My final year of college is starting up in just a few days. As fast as it sped by before my eyes, my summer has really been a great one. From interning at The Wellness Institute of Greater Buffalo to having my first real camping experience, I have created some unforgettable memories. Interning at The Wellness Institute of Greater Buffalo truly allowed me to spread my wings, as far as networking and building my professional future are concerned.

The Wellness Institute is a nonprofit organization with a goal of improving the social, economic, human and environmental capital of the Buffalo community. My main task this summer was to write press releases, news stories and lots of emails, as well as to attend community health focused meetings on various topics.

My most favorite part of interning with The Wellness Institute was shaking hands with the mayor of Buffalo, then standing on the sidelines as the news crews filmed the press conference in front of City Hall that he led. How many people can say they’ve shook hands with the mayor of their city?

When I was not interning, I was working at Wegmans on Transit Road as a cashier. Working at Wegmans for four years now has allowed me to converse with so many different people. Yes, I have even cashed out a few Sabres players in my cashing career.

Finally, when I was not ringing through item after item at the register or writing press releases at The Wellness Institute, I was busy cooking with my 12 year-old brother, Jordan, exploring the natural beauty that surrounds us or spinning at the gym. Have you tried it yet? Spinning is my newfound addiction. The amazingly sweaty, exhausted yet amped-up-for-the-day feeling that overpowers you when you get off that bike is indescribable. I encourage everyone to try it.

But I’d say the proudest part of my entire summer was finally starting my own blog about my passions in life: food and fitness and staying fabulous. The Wellness Institute definitely inspired me to write as much as humanly possible and I realized this was what I needed to also do for my future in public relations. Blogging allows me to express myself in a completely different way than just straight talking to someone. I’d love it if you checked out my social media sites and left me some feedback:, and @foodsfitfabyou on Twitter or Instagram.

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