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Letters for Aug. 24

Story gets old for Bills

Old Bills, new Bills, nothing changes. Bills management and players will not admit it, but EJ Manuel is a bust. He cannot read defenses, nor is he accurate. The defense looks good for two downs, then gives up a big play on third down. Nothing changes. Luck and opportunity does not exist for this team. Another 6-10 season and no playoffs.

James Furcoat


Bills need a QB and fast

Can anyone actually believe that EJ Manuel is the final answer to our QB problems. No first team offensive TDs in four preseason games. And our backups are just that, backups. Neither of them show any promise or poise against the opponent’s second and third strings. Are we in trouble at QB or what? The big question is when will the coaches and GM realize the fact they made a huge mistake. When the new owners emerge, what will they think? The Bills need and must have a QB who knows what he is doing. They need a veteran QB for backup and possibly to take EJ’s place. Find him before it’s too late.

Paul DiVito


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