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Letter: Criticism of radio show is unwarranted and unfair

Criticism of radio show is unwarranted and unfair

The take on the local radio program hosted by Kevin Sylvester and Andrew Peters by Alan Pergament in the Aug. 10 Gusto edition is an observation that reeks of ignorance. It’s obvious that Pergament has never spent time actually listening to the show.

Suggesting that Kev and “his friends play golf until training camp starts” is a misrepresentation of the program. The mere fact that the show is entertaining in the offseason is a testament to its survival. The offseason provides a forum for special guests to appear, showcase local events that pertain to hockey and the show’s support of local youth hockey (very informative week recently showcasing local boys and girls hockey programs) is nothing but positive.

The hosts have a great sense of humor, are respectful to guests and callers (which is refreshing) and their knowledge of the sport of hockey is nothing but extensive. What’s a “recent and continuing irritation” are critical statements that Pergamant makes that lack substance and logical analysis.

Kevin P. Crowley