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Aug. 23, 1914: One hundred years ago, the burning of the Capitol

On this date in 1914, The Buffalo Evening News looked back another hundred years to Aug. 24, 1814, the date the British burned the Capitol.

"Centenary of the burning of the National Capitol"

" 'War,' said Napolean, 'is a trade of barbarians, the whole art of which consists in being the strongest in a given point.'

"These words of the invincible leader make the ignominy of the capture of Washington, August 24, 1814, a little easier to bear, even though we view the fracas through the lengthened perspective of 100 years. It is, indeed, a consolation that our soldiers from the beginning of the gray were outnumbered by their British cousins, and the fact that they were unable to withstand the onslaught upon our infant capital, a hundred summers back, was not their fault, but their misfortune."

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Aug 23 Burning of capitol 1914