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Letter: Stop making mistakes on our beautiful waterfront

Stop making mistakes on our beautiful waterfront

I am writing to express my total opposition to plans for residential “neighborhoods” anywhere in the area of Wilkeson Pointe Park, Times Beach Nature Preserve or Tifft Farm.

One good thing about our being so woefully slow in developing our beautiful waterfront treasure is that more disastrous mistakes were not made. Like the mistakes that we have had to live with and regret for years, such as the Skyway, the Scajaquada Expressway splitting apart Delaware Park, the building of the I-190 along the river, cutting off access to this wonderful resource, the destruction of Humboldt Parkway by Route 33, the subway fiasco, the building of the University at Buffalo in Amherst, to name a few.

We almost made mistakes again with the ill-advised attempt to put Bass Pro in our canal district and plans to pave over the original site of the canal, but fortunately, there are caring and vigilant citizens in Buffalo (who are not thinking in terms of monetary gains for the privileged few) who have offered much better alternatives to revitalizing Buffalo.

Buffalo is experiencing a wonderful resurgence and the natural beauty of this area and its architecture are among our chief assets. Putting housing in the outer harbor will not enhance this trend.

The entire area needs to be set aside for public access and open space. Keeping this area as part of a national shoreline or national recreation area would do much more for tourism and our economic development than housing projects.

Downtown development is great, but it should take place on the other side of the Buffalo River.

Please, no more mistakes on the lake.

Judy McClelland