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Letter: Stadium, food stamp stories show our misplaced priorities

Stadium, food stamp stories show our misplaced priorities

What a sad, sad reflection on the priorities in our nation as was shown on the front page of the Sunday Buffalo News on Aug. 10. The cover story, “Food Stamps: A Struggle To Put Food on the Table,” ran directly across from a story on how desperately Buffalo needs a new football stadium.

While one senior citizen is collecting enough pop bottles to exchange for a meager meal, Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Sen. Charles Schumer are putting all their efforts to make sure the Bills “stay in Buffalo” by using valuable tax dollars to foot a large portion of the bill  for an overpriced home for the team. The story hinted at the possible cost of such a venture by mentioning  the $1.2 billion price tag that was attached to the San Francisco 49ers recently built stadium.

In a time when our roads and bridges are crumbling, our school programs are being cut and people are going hungry, how dare these men talk about using our tax dollars to pay for something that only a chosen few will reap the monetary rewards from. We should be putting as much thought into how we make a decision on election day as they put into where this new stadium should be located.

Here’s an idea: How about a $100 tax credit to every Western New York household every time the Buffalo Bills lose a game in their new stadium? At least we would finally have something to cheer about on Monday morning.

Mark Chudy