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Letter: Law enforcement was forced to take action against dog

Law enforcement was forced to take action against dog

It seems these days that everywhere you look people are quick to judge and condemn police officers and to criticize their actions. Unless you work in the law enforcement field, in many of these instances you won’t understand our job.

Recently an Erie County sheriff’s detective shot a dog while defending himself from being bitten by that attacking dog. The detective was at a home with two other detectives looking for a suspect wanted by the sheriff’s office. The detectives were trying to cover all escape routes in case the subject was inside and tried to flee. At that point, the dog charged at the detective. He fired one round at the dog to protect himself.

As a member of law enforcement, we are trained to defend ourselves along with citizens. At no point should it be expected that we stop defending ourselves. For those who want to play “Monday morning quarterback,” I suggest you walk a mile in our shoes before you’re quick to judge police officers.

Peter Nigrelli