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Letter: Blame for trucker shortage rests with stingy carriers

Blame for trucker shortage rests with stingy carriers

After 41 years in the business, I’m going to cry a river of tears for these carriers that can’t find enough drivers (re: New York Times article published in the Aug. 11 Buffalo News, “Trucking industry is looking for drivers”).

Where else can you be treated like scum, be forced to work 70 hours in eight days (Department of Transportation rules), no overtime, no benefits, just to try to make a living?

You can wait all day to load or unload, no pay, and then be given an impossible delivery schedule. Heaven forbid if you miss your delivery time, because you will be given either a bad load or be sent to some out-of-the-way place by an abusive and vindictive dispatcher while “we look for a load” for a day or two; again with no pay.

Most of these large for-hire carriers have an annual turnover of nearly 100 percent. They only have themselves to blame. They have steadfastly refused to pay a decent rate and treat drivers like humans.

Spare me the letters from carriers who say they don’t operate that way anymore; they most likely did until forced to change.

There is an old saying in the trucking business, “Drivers are a dime a dozen.” OK, here’s a quarter, go get 30.

Gary Chamberlain