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Ch.2's Levin gets 15 seconds of fame on 'Tonight Show'

Channel 2 anchor Scott Levin got his 15 seconds of fame on Thursday night’s edition of  “The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon."

Levin was one of six local TV anchors in a fictional Fallon bit, “I’ve Got Good News and Good News,” containing news items that he wished were true and were designed to cheer up audiences after all the bad news happening recently.

The bad news for Levin is none of the local anchors was identified as they read fake news stories that imagined a world in which President Obama and John Boehner were buddies, Russian president Vladimir Putin had tired of being evil, and a news anchor loved his viewers.

OK, the last item may not totally be fiction.

Levin's feel-good story involved the failure of a new I-phone app giving advice to people about to get divorced. He explained it failed because “it appears that everybody is happily married.”

Levin, who describes himself as very-happily married (and he illustrates that often on his Facebook page), said that “The Tonight Show” asked NBC affiliates across the country to have anchors deliver the one-liners.

“My management asked me if I was up for it … and I had no problem with it,” he explained.

Writers for the late-night show wrote the script, which was taped in Buffalo this week.

“Best part,” added Levin, “I was in the same gag as my all-time favorite local anchorman, New York legend Chuck Scarborough. I’ve watched him for years and always enjoyed his work. And as weird as it may sound, at one time wanted to change my name to Scott Scarborough."

I'm hoping he was kidding me.

The unidentified anchors also included Chuck Henry of Los Angeles, so Levin had extra reason to be happy about being teamed with anchors from the big markets. He wasn’t upset that his name wasn’t mentioned in “The Tonight Show” gag.

“I think they probably wanted a cleaner look than a typical local news broadcast,” he wrote.

It wasn’t the first time that Levin has appeared in a gag on national television. He noted that in 2000, Comedy Central’s Jon Stewart did a gag after the Hillary Clinton-Rick Lazio debate with Levin and Buffalo News political reporter Bob McCarthy.

“It’s still on the internet,” wrote Levin. “He made fun of my ‘anchor’ hair back then!”

I don’t think it is much news to tell you that his ‘anchor hair’ has changed quite a bit since then.

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