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Letter: Society could do without so many guns in circulation

Society could do without so many guns in circulation

I know I’m not the smartest guy on the block, but it does not take a genius to figure out that there are just too darn many guns in our society.

Every single day one or more people in Western New York are shot and very often it is a young person. We no longer argue. We take out a gun and shoot. End of argument. We have kids shooting kids. It is insane and scary. And to make matters worse, some states have allowed individuals to openly carry guns. We are in danger of becoming a vigilante society.

I cannot imagine standing next to someone at a restaurant or coffee shop with a gun on his belt. I can understand hunting. It makes sense ecologically. Without it we would be knee-deep in deer or other game, but why an arsenal of eight, 10, or 15 weapons, some firing 30 or more rounds like a machine gun. Sorry doc, the deer don’t shoot back.

I carried an M1 in combat in Europe in World War II. I have seen what such a weapon can do and it is not pretty. By comparison the M1 is a peashooter compared to the high-powered weapons available to John Q. Public. I am truly puzzled by the conspiracy myths that abound out there. It is as bad as the 1950s when there was a Communist under every bed.

We need to get some rational, common sense reasoning into the situation. I am sure you, as I, have had enough killing, especially of children.

I pray for legislators everywhere to get a little backbone and put some rules in play that will save lives. It won’t be perfect, but it sure can be a start.

Joseph Spina