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Letter: GM is acting like any protected corporation

GM is acting like any protected corporation

The Aug. 18 letter writer wonders why GM does not pay taxes. Because GM is a thing. Corporations are tools designed to produce the goods and services we want. When faced with the illusion of taxation they are left with several options.

One is to pass the cost on to the consumer, thus taxing the letter writer if she buys a GM car. GM could pass on the tax by producing a lower-quality car. Problem is that folks like the letter writer would then buy Toyotas.

A third option is to move to another state or country where the fiction is less of a burden. GM could shut down, which is what it nearly did. An alternative is someone riding in on a white horse to undo the damage done by politicians, foolish unions and bumbling executives. President Obama did so. He just could not leave Michigan at risk.

The letter writer ought to sense the ruin of her thinking. Apparently not, so I suggest she go on tour of New York starting in Woodlawn. Ford now employs maybe one-sixth of its high number. Ford still make cars, so it appears that a better idea was to move operations elsewhere.

The next four miles of empty fields on the left used to be Bethlehem Steel. Steel is still produced. However, not in Lackawanna. No American Axle or Harrison Radiator on the tour.

Then east on I-90. The view of boarded factories from Buffalo to Schenectady can be seen from the road and, if you miss one, another will be along directly. She may opt to ignore the residue poverty.

These are truths that will never be heard from leftist politicians and/or UB-type philosophers. Who to believe, letter writer: them or your own eyes.

Tim Murray

East Aurora