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Aug. 20, 1954: 'Mike Hammer' writer races in the Rockpile

Mickey Spillane tells The News that while it takes less than three weeks to knock out a Mike Hammer novel, he only writes one per year.

Why? So he can do pursue his hobby of racing cars -- like he did this day 60 years ago at Civic Stadium, better known as the Ol’ Rockpile — but also for a much more practical reason involving Uncle Sam.

"Why write more? Tax knocks your brains out, Spillane snorts"

“ 'It’s a business. I write when I need money. ...’

“Spillane only needs 19 days to complete one of his best sellers. On that basis, he could produce about 25 or more a year, but he limits his output to one.

" ‘My publishers think I’m crazy,’ he said. ‘But I don’t. It’s a simple matter of arithmetic. If I write a dozen, I make less. The income tax is enough to knock your brains out these days. So, I write when I need scratch.’ ”

20 aug 1954 spillane races at rock pile

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