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Letter: Column about cat rescue should inspire others

Column about cat rescue should inspire others

In reference to Donn Esmonde’s Aug. 9 column about the rescue of feral cats, I applaud Danielle Coogan for taking the steps needed to help these cats and kittens. I myself was in a similar situation, but it only pertained to a mother and her kittens being born near my property. With winter coming I felt sorry and started to feed them. I was also aware that three cats can soon be six, and so on.

I searched for help and was instructed to trap and take them to Operation Pets on South Park Avenue. So, there I went three different times at approximately 7 in the morning. They neutered and spayed, checked and gave the necessary shots.

To shorten the story, one lives in my home. A beautiful tuxedo that loves everyone and everyone loves. His story will also be in a book about feral cats that have been rescued.

The bottom line, if the general public would be responsible in the first place and have their cats fixed there wouldn’t be such a problem.

Thanks to people like Coogan, these poor cats and kittens can be helped. Unfortunately, we live in a throwaway culture where a segment of society appears to walk around with blinders on and not take the effort to be responsible pet owners.

Christine Cain