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Aug. 19, 1974: Bills’ Marangi: He’s no mirage

Kemp/Lamonica. Flutie/Johnson. Losman/Edwards.  Edwards/Fitzpatrick. There were even those who wanted to see Frank Reich play over a healthy Jim Kelly.

Bills fans seem to be at their happiest when there is a great quarterback controversy, and such was the case when starting quarterback Joe Ferguson was haunted by draft pick Gary Marangi almost immediately after Marangi was drafted from Boston College in 1974.

News Sports Writer Steve Weller wasn’t convinced by the early pre-season play of “novelty” Marangi, saying Ferguson still looked like the real deal.

Marangi played in eight games over two seasons, but he had a chance to start when Ferguson went out with back problems in 1976. He played about half the season and finished with seven touchdowns and 16 interceptions.

"Bills’ Marangi: He’s no mirage"

"Because nobody expected him to play so well so soon, Marangi is a novelty. As such he has commanded enough attention to obscure the fact that Joe Ferguson is the starting quarterback and looks exactly like one every time he steps on the field."

19 aug 1974 marangi is no mirage