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Letter: Ramirez’s cartoon promotes stupidity

Ramirez’s cartoon promotes stupidity

There are many purposes of editorial cartoons – to challenge, provoke, educate; to provide satire, humor. How about to deceive and promote stupidity?

Michael Ramirez seems to be a fan of the last item. In his cartoon concerning the Ebola virus, he comments on a CDC announcement that we need not worry about this scourge. He depicts a news conference populated by regularly attired people and others in protective gear. Why the hazmat suits, I don’t know. As the pronouncement is made, people cough and then disappear, even a suited attendee.

Are we to believe that Ebola is something Americans need to worry about at this time? Is the CDC oblivious to the so-called reality that Americans are dying from Ebola in the United States? Are we to infer that coughing is a means of transmitting the disease? Is the disease so lethal that a hazmat suit does not provide protection? Although Ebola could jump the Atlantic Ocean, the questions posed above need to be answered with “no.” At this point, this deadly virus is not a threat to the United States. The CDC is helping deal with, educate people about and prevent the spread of it. The disease is not an airborne infection and certainly does not infect a properly protected person.

Ramirez certainly provokes, but he does the opposite of educate. He deceives and encourages stupidity. He’s not clever or creative, only lazy.

Gary M. Schulenberg