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Letter: News’ front-page stories highlight two extremes

News’ front-page stories highlight two extremes

The front page of the Aug. 10 News told two markedly different stories. One story explained that more Erie County seniors are using food stamps while many still go hungry. It described the Dream Center’s mobile food pantry’s efforts to aid Buffalo’s elderly, poor and hungry. The other related that the National Football League insists that our community must build a new stadium if the Bills are to remain here. It stated that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell recently informed Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Sen. Charles Schumer of this.

As I read those two stories, I could not help but think about how well, together, they portray two critical aspects of American society: extreme poverty and the efforts of compassionate people to help those in need, and extreme greed and the efforts of the ultra-rich, those with so much money they could never spend it all, to use their political and economic power to acquire even more.

The critically important but seldom told story belongs between the two. It is that these extremes of compassion and need versus power and greed are the forces that lead to our current state of governmental gridlock and, sadly, are tearing apart the fabric of American society.

Frank J. Dinan