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Letter: Bishop has the courage needed to do a tough job

Bishop has the courage needed to do a tough job

I am writing in regard to the Aug. 10 article, “Buffalo bishop battles complacency in diocese.”

I respect Catholic Bishop Richard Malone. His is a tough job. He has many difficult decisions to make, which I believe he does prayerfully. He is very much our spiritual leader; he’s humbly asked for prayers on many occasions.

I see him as realistic in this day and age and a straight shooter – he stands up for what he believes in and is not afraid to do so. The fact that he holds politicians’ and his priests’ feet alike to the fire shows that he expects them to do their job, and do it the right way.

One question I have is: Why does The News quote people (in this case, priests criticizing the bishop) and not use their names? When submitting anything to The News for print, you must sign your name to it. Shouldn’t these standards apply across the board?

Diane R. Woloszyn